AndroidTamer Tools

This repository hosts all the documentation regarding various tools available within AndroidTamer


Android Tamer is a Virtual / Live Platform for Android Security Professionals.

This environment allows people to work on large array of Android Security related tasks ranging from Malware Analysis, Penetration Testing and Reverse Engineering.

A short introduction to AndroidTamer is listed below.


AndroidTamer comes as an .ova file. Double click it and Virtual Box adds the VM automatically.

AndroidTamer is pre-configured with 1 GB of Base Memory (RAM), however 1.5 or more GB is recommended. (the more the merrier)

Release Notes

AndroidTamer has Debian 8 as its base machine. The are a many reasons why Debian was chosen instead of Ubuntu. It comes with some custom scripts which simplifies the life of Android pentester.

The credentials for AndroidTamer is :

Username: android

Password: tamer

The latest version of Android Tamer is compatible with both VirtualBox and VMware.

The history of compatibility of previous releases:

  • Ver 1 : Virtualbox
  • Ver 2 : VMware player
  • Ver 3 : Not released
  • Ver 4 : Compatibile with both

Packages and Scripts

AndroidTamer comes pre-installed with many development and security pentesting tools. It is also beefed up with some custom scripts to automate common tasks. You could find a detailed description about the packages and scripts installed in AndroidTamer here.

Check the package list to view the list of tools available in AndroidTamer.

Importing in VMWare Player / Fusion / Workstation

AndroidTamer is created on VirtualBox and we officially support Virtualbox however its possible to install / import the OVA in VMWare products also.

When am import is initiated you may encounter an error message as shown below.

Error Linux Mac Linux

Its recommended to click on retry and VM should import easily.

Once inside VM the VM might not auto resize to screen size in that case please install open-vm-tools-desktop package and restart the VM and auto resize should start working.

VMWare Tools


sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop


AndroidTamer project is based on two things.

  • Latest vulnerabilities and exploitation methods for Android
  • Suggestions from users

This project was actually an initiative of Anant Shrivastava. However at this point a group of individuals contribute to this project. Feel free to send your suggestions / issues directly to Anant at

Learn Android Security

Have a look at the below URLs.


You can get PGP public key at: