Decompiling Application

How to decompile application in AndroidTamer

Android Tamer has all the tools required to perform the application analysis manually, however we have gone one step ahead and added more automation to reduce the time spend on remembering command and running them.

To decompile application in AndroidTamer

android@tamer ~> apk2java <apk>

NOTE: The source code for apk2java is here.

This will give you a folder structure as shown below

Decompiled APK

Here smali folder contains the smali version of the source code whereas src folder contains two subfolder jad and jadx containing source codes decompiled via these two decompilers respectively.

If you are not satisfied with the results you can also refer to the original jar created via enjarify in jar folder.

You can launch a text editor in this directory using following command

android@tamer ~> geany ./

Can other distributions use it ?

Yes, glad you asked follow steps outlined here.