Burp Suite


For all AndroidTamer users who expected to receive a premium version of Burp Suite with the VM file, sorry to say that AndroidTamer is tamed to have Burp Suite free version. If you would like to have a premium version, you could but one at https://portswigger.net/buy/


Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. It is designed to support the methodology of a hands-on tester, and gives you complete control over the actions that it performs, and deep analysis of the results. Burp contains several tools that work together to carry out virtually any task you will encounter in your testing. It can automate all kinds of tasks in customizable ways, and lets you combine manual and automated techniques to make your testing faster, more reliable and more fun.

Why Burp Suite ?

Almost all Android apps require internet access to do its duty - be it Banking app or Banking trojan app. So if you don't trust an app or if you want to test its healthy relationship with the internet, you need a software to analyze its requests and response. To be more technical, you need proxy software through which you direct the app's traffic and then decide to let it to its destination or drop them. This is where Burp Suite comes in action.

Burp Suite is used my many hackers and pentesters to see the requests and responses related to WebApps. You could also use to test your Android app's requests and responses.

Burp Suite on AndroidTamer

Version: 1.6.32

You can launch Burp Suite (Free version) using following command

android@tamer ~> burpsuite-free

Once you type the above command in the terminal, Burp Suite loads. After loading, "License Agreement" pops-up as shown in the picture below.

Burp License Agreement

If you have time, please go through the License Agreement and click "I Agree" or click "I Agree" and read it some other time. But don't forget to click "I Agree".



Burp Suite has a very good official documentation. You could access it in the links give below.

Quick documentation links to various functionalities of Burp Suite (including premium version functions - helpful if you buy one).